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Thanks to John for a very nice review and video.. Explore more custom hand crafted strap for your luxury watches in our website


Thanks John for giving me this extra video. I wasn't expect you to do this actually, but thank you for adding this vid. It is just awesome.


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This is our special design. Inspired by Rubber-B, but we made it with our own special design plastic insert and nice leather materials.

The idea is to make the lug filled with the strap, no gap and the strap will be curvy. Comfortability is our major objective and it is comfortable. Well leather treatment, neat finishing. It will be perfect for your Rolex series.

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Strap's Specification :

  • The insert will fit to Rolex model with 20mm lug width, 40-40.5mm case diameter like Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona etc.
  • 100% Hand made from every process of the making : Cutting, edging, lining, stitching etc.
  • Our straps have special edging technology in order to make a strong edge, even without stitches.  We put a slightly layer of paint, and then do sandpaper and continue burnish it by hand. not only put paint layers and layers.
  • 100% hand stitching, with a perfect neat result. We are also improve the thread step by step replacing polyester thread to linen thread
  • High quality lining material :

Zermatt Lining Leather from Taneries Haas, France. It brings softness and more comfortable to wear, it is also waterproof to prevent quickly break at the back side. Water, dust, and sweat is not going to affect this material. This lining leather is also use by the brand Hermes on their products.

  • At the end, we improved the process, more caring, and special treatment on straps


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People who love luxury watches need to maintain and upgrade the watch with better and fashionable straps. To change straps of the watch in every month or buying new ones is inefficient and this method doesn't support the budget. Luxury watches are not-so-cheap. A better way would be using hand crafted strap which will also fit one's own personality and choice. The thing is, you need a professional crafter to craft the straps and also you need to maintain the budget at the same time. You don't want to waste money. To get everything in those limits, "StrapGua" is a perfect online hand crafting website. We produce high quality custom straps for luxury watches and they are highly trained and professional.

The website is full of necessary contents on the material that are used and different types of straps according to customer's choice. The variety is on point. We conduct our business affairs as professionals. And when you compare competency among other crafters, you will see we never prioritize extra-profit over the customer's choice. We craft with suitable material, sufficient skill, knowledge and experience. Also we are properly qualified:

As professionals we know what we are doing and don't second guess ourselves for any reason 

  • We are honest and we have integrity. Which will give you a freedom from deceit or fraud.
  • We give adherence to moral and ethical principles. Customers can trust us.
  • Our website is resourceful and you can learn everything about us and our product from the website.

We have started this business because we love watches. The thing is, we know everything on this topic. Different kind of luxury watches are known to us. We understand what a luxury watch needs, what type of materials can be used with a watch to add more style to it and how to craft according to your choice. We have collection of a large number materials. Calfskin, crocodile-skin, goat-skin, lizard-skin, ostrich-skin, snake-skin and even shark-skin materials are in our collection. So you can easily choose what suits you best from us. We give proper treatment to our materials. The availability is another issue that we maintain properly. We have available straps and a lot in stock. So we like to keep everything in hand incase one customer needs it. We also provide a large range of lug width, from 19mm to 30mm. Our straps can be used on all the famous and awesome watch brands like Rolex. We provide different styles for straps like Denim, T-rex etc. The straps can be 100% fitted to your luxury timepieces. We guarantee that if you give a order, you will definitely get a well neat result.

We also bring in new materials to craft and the keep the availability always up-to-date. Materials like canvas, string-ray etc. are available and shark-skin is the most recent material that has come. The strap style is something that makes the luxury watch a unique one. The crafted straps needs to suit the watch to look more elegant. We have bunt, c-leather series, combo, camouflage, denim, double ridge, fat bold, flat, OEM look, padded, printed, racing series, t-rex, tribal, vintage etc. strap style. So this large collection helps customer to choose the best one for them. We as a company, always value what customers desire and make products according to the needs of our customer. We like to think about betterment of society by contributing the best we can offer. And, you don't have to worry about your luxury watch and think about the wellness of the watch. By our hand crafted products, you can get what you desire.



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StrapGua Processing Time.

We need time to process? Absolutely!

If you buy our in stock item, we only need 1-2 business days for handling. Then how many days to Deliver are depend on Shipping Company that you used to deliver your order.

How about Custom made Straps?

In order to make a perfect strap as your requirement and expectation, we will need time to working on it due to our order(s) volume. That's why it will be certain time to wait until your order(s) are perfectly well made. 10-14 business days for making a perfect custom made straps, then 1-2 more business days for Final Quality Control and handling. Then how many days to Deliver are depend on Shipping Company that you used to deliver your order.


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Sharks living on the bottom of the ocean and feeding off small crustaceans are usually browner in colour, aiding them to blend in with the sand in which they hunt. This sophisticated method of camouflage means that these stealthy hunters are able to approach prey without being detected until it is too late, a necessary skill for their survival.

The skin of the shark has to be very thick in order to assist it to retain heat and to support the muscles that are attached to its inner layers. The largest living shark, the Whale Shark, boasts skin of about 10 centimetres in thickness.

Sharks, like all animals, have been designed to suit their habits and habitats exactly. Their skin is no exception. It displays ingenuity in design and function and ensures that these creatures are well suited to their aquatic homes and hunting lifestyle.

The skin of the shark is unique in many ways. It is characterised by its grey colour and the contrast between its slippery appearance and its rough tactile texture.

Shark skin is an amazingly durable skin with a unique fine grain texture filled with natural ripples. A finished shark hide is measured and priced by the square foot. Shark is a relatively thicker exotic leather when compared to Crocodile skins or stingray skins but its resilience means even with usual wear-and-tear, its look can last for decades. It is a popular choice for car interiors, unique furniture and wallets.

While the species may vary depending on season and availability, our sharks are always non-threatened and non-endangered species that require no CITES.

Our shark hides are tanned and dyed by professional exotic leather tanners with decades of experience. Direct sourcing enables us to pick the best skins at the best prices available. Our current stock is avilable at our online store, simply click HERE.

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Rolex originally introduced the red and black bezel color combination on their first GMT-Master II model (aka the Fat Lady). This particular bezel quickly became known as the “Coke” bezel in reference to its colors and keeping with the soda nickname theme. The current collection of GMT-Master II watches offered by Rolex all include ceramic bezels and the Coke color combo is notably missing — the last model that was made available with the Coke bezel was the GMT-Master II ref. 16710.

See Our C-Leather Strap on Rolex “Coke”



When the Rolex GMT-Master was unveiled in 1955 it was a true pilot’s watch as it was specifically created for Pan Am pilots to keep track of two different time zones while they flew across the skies. An important component of the GMT-Master was its dual colored bezel to allow wearers to differentiate between day and night hours. The original Rolex GMT-Master had a blue and red bezel, which is now affectionately known as the “Pepsi” bezel due to its resemblance to the logo colors of the popular soda. Since its inception, the Pepsi bezel has been found on several different versions of both the GMT-Master and GMT-Master II watches, including a contemporary version in ceramic.

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One of the most popular GMT-Master II models offered by Rolex today is the GMT-Master II ref. 116710BLNR, also known as the “Batman” — named so for its blue and black colors on the Cerachrom ceramic bezel. When Rolex first introduced the ceramic bezels, they were all presented in one color as the company noted that making dual colors would be impossible. Yet, a few years later, they managed to overcome the challenges and produce a bi-colored ceramic bezel. The stainless steel Rolex Batman is almost as famous as the superhero character it’s named after.

See Our C-Leather Strap on Rolex “Batman”



In the early 1960s, Rolex introduced a two-tone version of the GMT-Master with the Rolex ref. 1675/3. To complement the mix of steel and yellow gold, the GMT-Master ref. 1657/3 was outfitted with a brown and gold bezel insert, gaining its nickname “Root Beer” for its resemblance to the brown soda. In the 1980s, Rolex then launched the GMT-Master II ref. 16753 — another two-tone model also sporting the Root Beer bezel. The GMT-Master Root Beer is sometimes also referred to as the “Clint Eastwood” since the famous actor wore his while starring in a few movies.



To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Submariner, Rolex launched the Submariner ref. 16610LV in 2004. The most striking feature of the commemorative Rolex Sub was its green bezel — which is why it is nicknamed after the popular green frog from the Muppets, “Kermit”

See Our C-Leather Strap on Rolex “Kermit”



In 2010, Rolex updated their green Submariner with the ref. 116610LV. Greener than its predecessor thanks to its green dial and green ceramic bezel configuration, coupled with the watch’s wider lugs and broader lume plots led to a more impressive nickname — the “Hulk”.

See Our StrapGua “Flat Turtle Green Bund Caiman” on Rolex



An unpopular nickname, yet still used in some Rolex collecting circles, the Rolex “Smurf” is sometimes used to refer to the Rolex Submariner ref. 116619LB. Its  18k white gold body, blue dial, and blue bezel configuration recalls the blue and white colors of the Smurfs cartoon characters.

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The Rolex Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6264 and the Rolex Daytona Paul Newman ref. 6241 dressed in gold with a black acrylic bezel and a black dial earned the John Player Special nickname in reference to the black and gold racecars of the Lotus Formula One team sponsored by the JPS cigarette company. These are extrememly rare models within the immensly popular Rolex Paul Newman line and subsequently, demand very high prices at auction.



The Rolex “Polar” refers to any of the white dial versions of the Explorer II series of watches catering to the adventurous. This can include the vintage Explorer II ref. 16550, the Explorer II ref. 16570, and the latest version, the Explorer ref. 216570. The icy cool look of the Explorer II ref. 216570 Polar features a broad 42mm stainless steel case, a white dial with the distinct orange 24-hour hand, and a stainless steel 24-hour bezel.

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A well-made watch is all about the details. Of course, there’s the obvious case, dial, and strap, but there’s also an often overlooked, yet integral part of the timepiece to consider — the watch’s fastener. Not only is it a practical piece by allowing the watch to securely strap onto your wrist, but it is also an important part of the timepiece’s aesthetic.

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The first thing to consider when choosing a watch fastener is whether to go with a buckle or a clasp. A basic tang buckle operates much like a belt does — where the leather or fabric strap threads through the buckle and a pin secures it in place. Easy to operate, it’s a classic choice for elegant dress watches with leather straps or military watches outfitted with nato straps.

A deployant clasp features a more complex construction where there’s a folding metal component to ensure that the wristwatch remains on the wrist even if the closure is opened. Louis Cartier, the grandson of Louis-Francois Cartier, the founder of the House of Cartier, invented the deployant clasp in 1910. The word “deployant” comes from the French word “déployant”, which means to deploy or unfold. Today both the terms deployant clasp and deployment clasp are used interchangeably.


Due to its construction, the tang buckle can only be attached to a watch strap and not a watch bracelet. Although they all sport the fundamental two-piece configuration of a buckle and a pin, there are several different design styles of the tang buckle.

The Italian watch brand, Panerai, is responsible for giving us several buckle styles and their vintage straps with their distinct buckles are very much in demand by collectors today. The Panerai GPF Mod Dep buckles are broad, flat, and are engraved with “GPF – Mod Dep” which stands for “Guido Panerai e Figlio – Modello Depositato” — roughly translating to “Guido Panerai and Sons – Registered Trademark”. There are two main types of Panerai GPF Mod Dep buckles available. The brushed finish GPF Mod Dep was used on their leather straps dating back to as early as the 1940s. The second GPF Mod Dep has a matte gray finish and was used on the nylon straps of the Panerai compass instruments from the 1980s.

See Our Strap on Panerai

The Panerai Pre-V, which stands for Pre-Vendôme, buckle refers to the style of buckle produced by the watch brand between 1993 and 1996, prior to the purchase of the company by the Vendôme group (known as the Richemont Group today). They are distinguished by their broad shape and curvy design.

Another common tang buckle style is the Ardillon, ARD, or thumbnail buckle. It features a classic style with curved corners and is most often found on classic leather wrist watches.


The deployant clasp is the most popular type of watch fastener, particularly on luxury watches as they are prized for their elegant look and added safety features. They can be used on a range of bracelets and straps including steel, metal, titanium, leather, rubber, and fabric. The most basic deployant, or deployment, clasp unfolds to allow the watch to be slipped onto the wrist then folds back again and locks itself into place with a latch. Normally, there’s a protruding semi-circle on the edge of the clasp to give space for a fingernail to slip under to pull it open.

Alternatively, rather than pulling the clasp open, there’s also a push-button deployant clasp, where, as its name suggests, can be opened by pressing either one (single push-button) or two (double push-button) on the sides of the buckle to release the lock. This is an added safety measure as it reduces the risk of the closure opening up accidently.

The butterfly deployant clasp gives a watch bracelet a seamless look, thus is also known as the hidden deployant clasp. The two connections link together perfectly aligned, which hides the extra folding metal piece within and does away with a bulky external clasp. Butterfly deployant clasps are typically released via pushbuttons on the side of the fastener.

A fold-over push-button deployant clasp is the most secure type as it boasts both a fold over latch that snaps in place and a push-button or pull-latch to open the closure. It’s also important to note that many deployant clasps have a built-in extension system so that wearers can make slight adjustments to their watch straps or watch bracelets for a better fit. Some of the most famous extension systems are the Rolex Glidelock and Rolex Easylink features found on their Oyster bracelets.

Most Swiss watch brands have their own distinct style of deployment clasp which are also available in similar aftermarket models. Some of the more popular OEM deployment clasps are from Panerai, Breitling, IWC and Omega.

See Our Strap on IWC



When purchasing a new clasp or buckle, the piece’s size and how it attaches to the watch strap is vital. Some straps remain the same size all the way from lug to end, while other straps carry a tapered style with the end anywhere from 2mm to 4mm slimmer than the lugs.

Once the perfect size has been selected, another thing to think about is what attachment does the watch buckle or clasp require. Some buckles include spring bars or screw bars so they can be selected independently of a strap, while other buckles are actually sewn into the leather or fabric strap.

When selecting a watch buckle or clasp for your timepiece there are so many factors to consider, from styles to materials to finishing to sizes and finally, attachments. The overall look of the particular watch should play a role when deciding on the perfect buckle or clasp. Often regrettably regarded as just a piece of functional equipment, the buckle or clasp can actually change up the style of a watch. So whether you consider yourself more classic or sporty, elegant or avant-garde, there’s the perfect watch clasp or buckle out there for your timepiece.

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Buckles and clasps are offered in a wide range of materials and finishes and often times match the look of the watch case or bezel. For instance, stainless steel, yellow, rose, or white gold, platinum, and titanium are the leading options for watch fasteners. Aside from the actual material used, the finish of the metal is a key aesthetic detail to note. The most common finishes include polished and brushed. A polished finish gives the metal a high sheen, while a brushed finish lends a more textured and matte look. Brushed matte steel clasps are some of the most popular deployant clasps right now. PVD coating is another finish that is prevalent and found most often on military style watches.

PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, is a method used to coat a material with a layer of vapored metal. This serves several purposes. From a watch design standpoint, PVD can transform stainless steel into other colors such as black, gunmetal, or gold. From a practicality point of view, PVD reduces wear and tear on the watch since this particular finish is highly resistant. Furthermore, PVD coating eliminates glare and light reflection, which is very important for military use — particularly if they are trying to remain unseen. In terms of watch clasps and buckles, PVD matte black, PVD rose gold, and PVD yellow gold finishes are all the rage right now.


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Rolex really isn't like any other watch brand. In fact, the privately held, independently run entity isn't like most other companies.

Rolex rarely allows anyone into its hallowed halls, but I was invited to visit their four manufacture locations in Switzerland and experience first-hand how Rolex makes their famous watches.

Rolex is a universe of its own: respected; admired; valued; and known across the globe. Sometimes just sit back and think about all that Rolex is and does and find it hard to believe that at the end of the day, they just make watches.

Rolex does just make watches and their timepieces have taken on a role beyond that of mere timekeeper. Having said that, the reason a "Rolex is a Rolex" is because they are good watches and tell pretty good time. It's taken me over a decade to fully appreciate the brand, and it will probably take longer before I learn everything I'd like to know about them.

The purpose of this article isn't to give you a totally inside look at Rolex. That isn't possible because as of now there is a strict "no photography" policy at Rolex. There is a very real mystique behind the manufacture because they are relatively closed and their operations aren't public. The brand takes the concept of Swiss discreetness to a new level, and in a lot of ways that is good for them. So since we can't show you what we saw, I'd like to share with you some interesting facts that every Rolex and watch lover should know.

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1. They Use An Expensive And Difficult To Machine Steel Because It Looks Better

Many watch lovers are familiar with the fact that Rolex uses a type of steel that no one else uses. Stainless steel is not all the same. Steel comes in various types and grades... and most steel watches are made from a type of stainless steel called 316L. Today, all the steel in Rolex watches is made from 904L steel, and as far as we know, pretty much no one else does. Why?

Rolex used to use the same steel as everyone else, but in around 2003 they moved their entire steel production to 904L steel. In 1988 they released their first 904L steel watch with a few versions of the Sea-Dweller. 904L steel is more rust and corrosion resistant, and is somewhat harder than other steels. Most important to Rolex, is that 904L steel, when worked properly, is able to take (and hold) polishes incredibly well. If you've ever noticed that steel on a Rolex watch looks different than other watches, it is because of 904L steel, and how Rolex has learned to work with it.

A natural question is why doesn't everyone else in the watch industry use 904L steel? A good guess is because it is more expensive and much more complicated to machine. Rolex had to replace most of their steel working machines and tools to deal with 904L steel. It made sense for them because of the amount of watches they produce, and because they make all their parts in-house. Most other brands get their cases made from outside suppliers. So even though 904L steel is better than 316L steel for watches, it is more expensive, requires special tools and skills, and is overall more difficult to work with. This has prevented other brands (so far) from taking advantage of it, and is something special that Rolex has. The benefit is obvious once you handle any steel Rolex watch.

2. Rolex Has Its Own Science Lab

Given everything Rolex has done over the years it shouldn't come as a surprise that they have an internal Research & Development department. However, Rolex takes it well beyond that. Rolex has not one, but several different types of extremely well-equipped professional science labs at their various facilities. The purpose of these labs isn't just to research new watches and things that may go into watches, but also to research more effective and efficient manufacturing techniques. One way of looking at Rolex is that they are an extremely competent and almost obsessively organized manufacturing company - that just happens to make timepieces.

Rolex labs are as diverse as they are amazing. Perhaps the most visually interesting is the chemistry lab. Full of beakers and tubes that carry liquids and gases, the Rolex chemistry lab is full of highly trained scientists. What is it mostly used for? Well one thing that Rolex stated is that the lab is used for developing and researching oils and lubricants that they use in machines during the manufacturing process.

Rolex has a room with multiple electron microscopes and some gas spectrometers. They are able to take an extremely close look at metals and other materials to investigate the effects of machining and manufacturing techniques. These large areas are extremely impressive and are used seriously on a regular basis to remedy or prevent possible problems.

Of course Rolex also uses its science labs on the watches themselves. An interesting room is the stress test room. Here watch movements, bracelets, and cases undergo simulated wear and abuse on custom-made machines and robots. Let's just say that it would not be unreasonable to assume your typical Rolex is designed to last a lifetime (or two).

3. Their Movements Are All Hand-Assembled And Tested

One of biggest misconceptions about Rolex is that machines build their watches. The rumor is so pervasive that even people at aBlogtoWatch believed it to be mostly true. This is because traditionally Rolex didn't communicate much on this topic. Well the truth is that Rolex watches are given all the hands-on human attention that you'd like to expect from a fine Swiss made watch.

Rolex uses machines in the process for sure. In fact, Rolex easily has the most sophisticated watch making machinery in the world. The robots and other automated tasks are really used for tasks that humans aren't as good at. These include sorting, filing, cataloging, and very delicate procedures that involve the type of care you want a machine to handle. Most of these machines are still human-operated though. And everything from Rolex movements to bracelets are assembled by hand. A machine however helps with doing things such as applying the right pressure when attaching pins, aligning parts, and pressing down hands. Having said that, all Rolex watch hands are still set by hand via a trained technician.

It would be an understatement to suggest that Rolex is obsessive about quality control. A predominant theme in the manufacture is that things are checked, re-checked, and then checked again. It feels as though their goal is to ensure that if a Rolex watch fails, it does so before it leaves the factory. Large teams of watchmakers and assembly people work on every single movement that Rolex produces. This is before and after their movements are sent to COSC for chronometer certification. And on top of that, Rolex re-tests their movements for accuracy after they are cased for several days while simulating wear before they are sent out to retailers.

4. An In-House Foundry Makes All Their Gold

Rolex makes their own gold. While they have a small handful of suppliers that send them steel (Rolex still works the steel in-house to make all the parts), all the gold and platinum is made in-house. 24k gold comes into Rolex and it is turned into 18k yellow, white, or Rolex's Everose gold (their non-fading version of 18k rose gold).

Large kilns under hot flames are used to melt and mix the metals which are then turned into cases and bracelets. Because Rolex controls the production and machining of their gold, they are able to strictly ensure not only quality, but the best looking parts. To our knowledge Rolex is the only watch manufacture that makes their own gold or even has a real foundry in-house.

5. Technology Is A Watchmaker's Best Friend

The philosophy at Rolex seems to be very pragmatic, if a human does it better, then let a human do it, if a machine does it better, then let a machine do it. In fact the reason more watchmakers don't use machines is two-fold. First of all machines are huge investments and in many instances keeping people around to do it is less expensive. Second, they don't have the production demands that Rolex does. In fact, Rolex is fortunate to have the ability to equip its facilities with robotic help where needed.

The epicenter of Rolex's automation prowess is the master supply room. Massive columns of parts are attended to by robotic servants that store and retrieve trays with parts or complete watches. A watchmaker needing parts must simply place an order with the system, and it is delivered on a series of conveyer systems to them in about 6-8 minutes.

Robotic arms populate the Rolex manufacture locations when it mostly comes to repetitive or highly detailed tasks that require consistency. Many Rolex parts are given an initial machine polish by a robot, but amazingly they are hand-finishing and polished as well. The fact is that while modern technology is a huge part of the "Rolex manufacturing machine," robotic equipment is there to assist what is a very real, human watch making operation.

6. Fort Knox Has Nothing On Rolex

It isn't surprising that Rolex is keen on security. At their foundry for example, I was given a bar to carry around that weighed in at just over $1,000,000 worth of Everose gold. There is a lot more of that, as well as valuable completed watches that need safekeeping. Rolex employs a series of extremely meticulous security checks and they had a James Bond-style safe that is located a few floors underground.

I noticed that rank and file watch assembly employees have an interesting system on their desks that required their ID badge be docked at all times after being identified with a fingerprint scan. Everything is scanned and cataloged. In fact, each Rolex watch movement has a unique serial number that is photographed and matched with a case that also has a different unique serial number. In the future when the watch is serviced, a watchmaker can learn everything there is to know about it.

Accessing the Rolex safe requires entering a bank vault door and passing an iris scanner that identifies you via your eyes. When Rolex parts move from location to location, they are transported in highly discreet unmarked (and likely heavily armored) trucks. Rolex is very serious about their safety, and for a really good reason since it is often said (in truth) that Rolex watches are just as good as money.

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7. Dive Watches Are Each Individually Tested In Pressurized Tanks With Water

All Rolex Oyster case watches are thoroughly tested for water resistance. The way that this is often done at watch manufactures is with an air-pressure tank. A watch is placed in a small chamber that is filled with air, and if the pressure changes at all, it means that air leaked into the case. Each Rolex Oyster, as well as Oyster dive watches begins with this air pressure treatment. In fact, each case is tested both before and after a movement and dial are placed inside of it.

Dive watches receive a separate treatment all together. After being air pressure tested, Rolex proceeds to test the water resistance of each and every Rolex Submariner and Deep Sea watch in actual water. This type of test is much less common. Submariner watches are placed in large tubes that are filled with water to ensure that they are water resistant to 300 meters. The test is extremely complex because Rolex employs a complex system for testing if water entered the case.

After the watches exit the tank, they are heated up and a drop of cold water is placed on the crystal to see if condensation forms. An optical sensor then scans them for trace amounts of water. Less than one in a thousand watches fail the test. The story is much more intense for Deep-Sea watches. Rolex co-developed a special high-pressure water tank with COMEX to depth test each Deep-Sea watch. The pressure tank looks like something from a science fiction movie. Imagine something that looks like a several ton Gatling gun. This machine takes well over an hour and measures each watch to a pressure equivalent to 12,000 meters deep.

8. An Army Of Gemologists Work At Rolex

It has been said that Rolex has preposterous standards for the materials it buys from its suppliers. This includes things like metals as well as precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds. Rolex has a massive gemological department whose goal it is to buy, test, arrange, and set diamonds and other precious stones in a range of Rolex models. One of the things they do is check incoming stones to ensure that they are real. Using x-rays for example, they can test diamonds to ensure they aren't fake.

Rolex reports that in the years they have been testing diamonds, only two in 20 million have been fake. That might seem like such a small amount it isn't even worth their time to perform the test. Nevertheless, to ensure absolute quality, Rolex tests each batch of diamonds. This should also have an illustrative effect on the diamonds they use, which happen to only be IF in clarity, and D-G in color (the four grades closest to white).

Each and every diamond or precious stone (no matter how large or small) on a Rolex watch is hand-selected and hand-set. Rolex employs traditional jewelers to create custom settings for stones in their most exclusive watches, done using the same processes employed in creating the world's finest jewelry. It was amazing to see this level of artisanship and delicate care inside what many people believe to be a mass producer.

9. It Takes About A Year To Make One Rolex Watch

An advertisement for Rolex long ago claimed that it takes about a year to make a single Rolex watch. As suspicious as that sounds, it is true even today. Rolex produces almost a million watches a year, but surprisingly, no shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing process from what I could observe (and I've been to a lot of watch manufactures). Rolex is however interested in quality and efficiency. Basically, the entire company seems focused on producing the best watches, and continually seeing how they can make them better.

If you look at Rolex watches over time, they are more about evolution rather than revolution. This idea of always improving versus changing goes right into their manufacturing process as well. They are constantly learning how to improve quality through better processes and techniques. The move from aluminum to ceramic bezel inserts is a perfect example. Nevertheless, from starting to shape the parts of the case to testing a completed watch for accuracy, the process takes around one year.

Of course Rolex could speed this up for certain models if necessary, but each watch requires so many parts and virtually everything is made from base materials in-house. Once all the parts for a Rolex watch are completed, they are then mostly hand-assembled and individually tested. The testing and quality assurance process is rather intense.

A good example is how Rolex makes each of their watch dials. All of the dial are made in-house, and one of the most impressive facts is that all of the applied hour markers are set individually by hand. Often times at other brands, machines perform this process, but Rolex learned that a human eye is better trained to spot problems. So individual hour markers are applied and riveted by hand. Dials are dropped from 20cm up in the air to ensure that none of the hour markers fall out. This is a careful and time consuming process, and it is among the many elements of making watches at Rolex that is done by a skilled human being. Taken together, because of Rolex's rather fanatical dedication to quality across their huge production, watches take on average, about a year to produce.

10. Rolex Makes Virtually Everything In-House

After having said all of the above it probably doesn't come as a big surprise that Rolex makes virtually everything in-house as a totally vertically integrated manufacturer. As of right now the only major parts that Rolex doesn't make for all of their watches are the synthetic sapphire crystals and many of the dial hands (though I have a feeling the latter will change in the next several years). Rolex produces their own gold, cases, bracelets, dials, bezels, and movements in-house with incredible efficiency and quality.

It isn't just that Rolex can afford all the most useful machines, but also that Rolex invests into processes and techniques that are tightly-held trade secrets. The real value inside the Rolex factory are their tools and know-how, which no one could replicate even if they had a copy of their facilities.

Making everything in-house allows Rolex to be truly independent. Watch collector's often agree that there is the watch industry and then there is Rolex - the two just happen to make similar products. It is hard to love watches and not appreciate what Rolex is and what they produce. Traveling there I can fully understand why they aren't only the most successful high-end watch manufacture, but why they are also one of the most successful luxury brands in the world.


See Our C-Leather Strap on Rolex

by StrapGua Indonesia on 11 March 2017

Hi Guys, 

Welcome back to our blog section. Today I want to talk a little bit more into the quality of the straps uses on replica watches. Everybody know that no matter how good the replica is, there is a major flaws on the leather straps (for watches with leather). Because the main things is that replica factory mostly use genuine calfskin leather (the cheapest option) and printed as other skin material such as Crocodile/Aligator. So when genuine watches is using aligator/crocodile straps (belly or hornback), the replica will use a calfskin leather and embossed / printed as close as crocodile / aligator straps. 

There are many watches brand using leather strap as default, such as : Audemars Piguet, Breguet, Breitling, Panerai, Patek, Cartier, Tag Heuer, IWC, etc. Pretty much every brands have their own watches with leather straps as default. 3 kind of leather material that usualy use on genuine watches :

  • Crocodila leather strap (Belly and hornback)
  • Calfskin leather straps including assolutamente strap
  • Kevlar / nylon canvas straps

Lets see how it looks :

So, on replica watches with kind of leather straps above, these are the fact :

  • Crocodile Belly & Hornback : Almost all high-end replica watches are using crocodile printed strap, the base is genuine calfskin. The reasons is a cost, because genuien crocodile leather is very expenseive. Some of the factory are using genuine crocodile leather strap, but it is rare and this is only for up selling.
  • Assolutamente : This kind of strap are used mostly on Panerai model, since the genuine have this kind of material. All replica with this kinda leather strap are using the real genuine asso leather.
  • Calfskin Leather Strap : All high-end replica are using genuine calfskin leather strap for this replication.
  • Kevlar/Nylon Strap : All high-end replica are using the real genuine material for this kind of strap.

Many of our customers asked me if they can make a good genuine custom straps (especially for crocodile strap) to replace their replica straps. There two options to do :

  • Buy after market OEM straps form the brands. This will require you high price and not easily find in the market. 
  • Make a custom strap by using genuine leather materials. This is another options since there are so many strap maker who can make your strap even better. Price, it is lower, but also not that cheap, since the material is genuine.

Now, I want to talk about Pro's and Con's of using genuine custom straps :


  • The material is genuine and it is usually hand made
  • You can customized the style, the model, and the size because usally there are people who have small wrist, and need XS strap instead of regular.
  • You can choose different materials : Crocodile, Calfskin, Carbon Fiber, kevlar, Stingray, Ostrich, Lizard, Pyhton, Shark skin etc. So basically you can do some exploration on what kind of materials do u like as your strap replacement.
  • Affordable price compare to OEM straps
  • Your straps will comes with a perfect exclusive package from the maker. 
  • Your straps wil be well made and nead (depend how good the strap maker is)


  • Custom strap maker will not gonna put the logo embossed on the back of the strap, this is agains the law of copyright. The only way to do this, is in replica strap factory in China, but i don't think it is recommended to do
  • Takes time to make your custom straps, because most of the maker need to make it first to match with your requirement. 

Below are some samples of kind of material that usually use as custom straps :



















There are basically some option taken by replica lovers to dress up their high-end replica. Again, it is only options, you don't necessarily replace the replica strap, you still can use your replica straps if you happy enough with it. 




by StrapGua Indonesia on 31 January 2017

WIDTH is the distance between the lugs, where the strap meets the watch. To determine your width, you can take a ruler or caliper, and measure the width of the part of the strap that uses spring bars / screws to attach toyour watch case. Measure this in millimeters.

Width will expressed as size/size. i.e 24/22 (24mm wide by 22mm wide). This first number (24mm) is the width of the strap between the lugs of the watch case. Other number (22mm) is the width of the strap at the buckle.

Straight strap is one that is the same width at the lugs and the buckle, i.e 24/24 (24mm wide at lugs by 24mm wide at buckle). Tapered strap is one that tapers in width from the lugs to the buckle, i.e 24/22 (24mm wide at lugs by 22 wide at buckle).

There is also a table for several watches that are commonly use to change their strap :
LENGTH : Tail End (Length of long section) & Buckle End (length of short section, excluding buckle)

Length is expressed, for example like this: 125/75. The first number (125) is the length in millimeters of the tail end with holes. The second number (75) is the length in millimeters of the buckle end.


Follow the table below as your guide to match your wrist size to strap length :However, don’t let this table be your strict rule. Choosing the strap length is all personal preference. There is no “right” or “wrong” in choosing them. A length that we consider “too short”, or “too long” might consider to be “just right” for you.  Strap length is an art, and as your taste changes, your idea of what looks “just right” will probably change too. For example, If your wrist is 6.7”, you can also go with 125/75mm for a more conservative look (less tail, centered buckle), or you could go up to 130/80 for a longer look (more tail, buckle over to the side more).


Read other Strap Size Guide HERE

by StrapGua Indonesia on 08 December 2016

About Stingray Skin

Stingray skin is one of the most exotic skin that could be the best material for many fashion products, such as bags, wallets, pouches, watch's straps etc. Fashion maker use Stingray because of its uniques and if they treat it well, it will be very classy on any fashion stuffs.

If you look at the above treated stingray skin, you will notice as tiny stone structure. Very neat and solid. And if you look at the bigger structure in the center, they are pearl. Will make line pattern from head along to tail. This is actually the advantage of any straps maker in this case. Because they can use different part of the skin as different style of straps, the result is differenciate the price.

How Stingray Skin Would Be as A Straps?

When it comes to straps, the straps maker need to be more careful on cutting the skin, treating the skin, and must be careful on making holes in this kind of skin material. Need to be skillful and 100% full attention on it.

Generally, stingray strap divided into 3 styles :


This is taken from the lowest part of the skin, the structure is very small. The price market is usually between $70 - $100. Above picture is very fit for Panerai watch 44mm. The width is 24/22mm. This style is also recommend for shorter lug width, because the structure is very small. See more example HERE


This one is pretty much the same with no pearl style. But if you see in the center of one side of straps, there are 2-3 pearl. The idea is to make this straps a bit more exotic compare to regular no pearl. Market price of this usually between $90-$120. See more example HERE


We don't need to explain more about this one. What we want to tell you is that this style require more skill to make, the pearl is full on 1 side of strap, and need to be more careful interm of making holes. This style is very demandable, especially for exotic straps lover. Also this style a bit rare, because from 1 stingray, maybe can only make 3-4 straps. The market price range for this tyle is between $100-$150. See more example HERE.

Again, this is depend on your taste and preference, but one thing you must know that the stitching is not necesarlily need to full stitch. Only need miminalist stitch, and play around with the color.

Hope you can read this topic delightful. For more straps choices you can go to our website HERE

by StrapGua Indonesia on 06 December 2016

Hi Strap's lovers,

Kali ini StrapGua akan sedikit membahas tentang pilihan strap khusus untuk kolektor jam tangan bermerk Audemars Piguet. Topik ini kami pilih karena memang banyak sekali kolektor AP di Indonesia dan di seluruh dunia. Tidak sedikit dari mereka yang tidak tahu bagaimana harus mengganti strap nya jika terjadi kerusakan.

Strap bawaan jam nya, terdiri dari beberapa jenis :

  • Crocodile hornback leather strap : Dibuat dari bagian punggung kulit buaya.
  • Crocodile belly/skin leather strap : Dibuat dari bagian perut atau bagian lainnya dari kulit buaya
  • Rubber Strap : Terbuat dari karet.

Suatu ketika ada customer kami yang bertanya "Jual strap buat AP ya?", kami jawab "Ya", lalu customer bertanya lagi "Berapa?". Dari pertanyaan simple ini terbukti bahwa customer tidak tahu strap mana yang dia inginkan. Apakah strap OEM, Custom, Hornback, Crocodile, atau rubber.

Ketika kami berikan jawaban mengenai harganya, dia terkejut? "kok mahal sekali ya?"

Customer tersebut cukup mewakili, sehingga kami mencoba mengupas fakta tentang strap untuk jam tangan Audemars Piguet. Simak pembahasannya :


Ini merupakan straps bawaan jamnya, dibuat oleh brand Audemars Piguet sendiri dan ada logo emboss merk pada bagian belakang strapnya. Selain itu, jika anda beli dari AP store, dipastikan anda medapatkan kemasan khusus dari AP.

Kami sudah melakukan riset tentang harganya, dan sangat luar biasa mahal. Lihat gambar di bawah ini yang kami ambil dari situs e-bay :

Gambar diatas merupakan salah satu OEM straps dengan bahan crocodile belly (bukan hornback). Perhatikan harganya : USD 499, atau dengan kurs hari ini adalah setara dengan : Rp. 6.700.000,-. Harga yang cukup fantastis untuk sebuah straps (diluar harga buckle nya, hanya straps nya saja.

Gambar diatas merupakan harga untuk sebuah rubber strap OEM termasuk dengan link dan deployment buckle. Cek harganya senilai $904 atau setara dengan Rp. 12 juta. Lebih mahal dari yang gambar sebelumnya, karena include buckle deployment yang bisa mencapai harga 4 juta untuk buckle nya saja.

Gambar diatas merupakan harga hornback strap OEM AP bekas, bukan baru, harganya $750 tanpa buckle, atau senilai hampir Rp. 10 juta. 

Dari ketiga sample harga di atas, sangat jelas terlihat bahwa jika anda mau mengganti strap AP anda dengan OEM straps, maka anda harus menyiapkan uang yang cukup banyak. Pilihan lainnya adalah :


Ini merupakan alternatif bagi anda yang ingin mengganti strap kulit jam tangan AP anda, jika harga OEM itu terlalu mahal, maka custom straps bisa dijadikan alternatif, tapi harap diingat bahwa pilihlah yang Genuine leather, bukan sintetis. 

Banyak sekali penjual genuine custom leather strap di seluruh dunia, anda hanya tingal memilih. Lalu apakah harganya lebih murah? ya, tentu saja, lebih murah dari OEM straps, tapi juga tidak murah seperti straps lainnya. Mari kita cek.

Salah satu penjual custom straps untuk brand AP menjual hornback strapnya senilai $419, atau setara dengan Rp. 5,5 juta. Anda tidak akan menemukan logo AP pada strapnya, tapi dipastikan bahwa akan cocok dengan AP anda, dan kulitnya bukan kulit imitasi, tapi ASLI.

Gambar diatas adalah custom crocodile strap (bukan hornback), salah satu situs custom strap merilis dengan harga $329 atau senilai Rp. 4,4 juta. 

Genuine custom straps untuk AP harganya juga tidak murah, tapi anda hanya tinggal memilih mana yang lebih murah dengan kualitas bagus, seperti contohnya strap AP buatan StrapGua :

Semua kembali ke masalah selera, karena banyak tawaran harga yang berbeda-beda dengan tawaran model dan jenis yang beragam pula. 


  • Harga lebih murah
  • Design bisa disesuaikan dengan keinginan
  • Warna dan bahan bisa disesuaikan dengan keinginan anda
  • Panjang strap bisa disesuaikan dengan ukuran tangan anda, karena tak jarang strap reguler terlalu panjang untuk tangan anda.

Demikian pembahasan dari StrapGua, semoga bisa bermanfaat untuk anda.


by StrapGua Indonesia on 03 December 2016

Hi Strap Lovers,

Welcome back to our blog. Today, I will give you simple chart for you who are confused about Rolex size or dimension. As you know, that Rolex has been producing lots of models since it was built. With very confusing reference number, I believe some of you still have no idea about the size or dimension of each of them.

When you choose custom leather strap for Rolex, you need to know the lug width and clasp width for your Rolex, then you can find the strap suitable for your Rolex.


Generally, Rolex watches are devided into 7 general size as pointed below :

  • Mens Large Size
  • Sports Size
  • Gents Size
  • Unisex Size
  • Mid Size
  • Ladies Regular Size
  • Ladies Baby Size

Each of them have different case diameter, thickness, lug width, weight, and clasp width. 


The chart below, will help you to find the size detail of your Rolex, and also will give you clear picture about the lug width if you want to replace the bracelet into leather strap :

If you still confuse about the look of your Rolex, just copy the ref number and paste in on Google search, then you will find the look of Rolex with selected reference number.

Hope you can take this short blog delightful, and hope it will help you to find your precious Rolex watches.


by StrapGua Indonesia on 23 November 2016

Mengapa kerajinan kulit handmade menjadi pilihan mayoritas pecinta jam tangan?

Kerajinan kulit handmade atau buatan tangan saat ini banyak diminati. Bahkan hasil-hasil kerajinan kulit handmade lebih dicari dibandingkan buatan pabrik.

Sebelum membeli sebuah produk dari kulit, tentu mempunyai alasan sendiri mengapa kita lebih memilih kerajinan kulit handmade dalam melengkapi kebutuhan fashion kita.
Faktanya kerajinan kulit yang dibuat dengan tangan mempunyai kelebihan-kelebihan yang tidak dimiliki oleh hasil buatan pabrik.

Mungkin anda sudah tau bagaimana pembuatan kerajinan kulit handmade itu ? Karena dalam proses pembuatannya dibutuhkan kemampuan atau keahlian khusus yang di butuhkan hanya untuk sepasang tali jam tangan, tentunya tali jam tangan handmade mempunya nilai tersendiri dimata pecinta tali kulit jam tangan.
Pecinta dan kolektor melihatnya bukan hanya sekedar tali jam tangan, tapi lebih merupakan sebuah karya seni dan kreativitas pengrajin.

Kelebihan tali jam tangan kulit

1. Eksklusif

  • Tali jam tangn kulit buatan tangan, merupakan produk yang sangat fokus terhadap detail dan memiliki eksklusifitas yang tinggi. 
  • Pembuatan tali kulit handmade ini memerlukan tenaga, waktu, pemikiran, dan biaya yang besar dari pada tali kulit yang di produksi secara masal. 
  • Oleh sebab itu, tali jam kulit handmade menjadi semacam produk kerajinan yang benar-benar dihasilkan dari tangan para pengrajin profesional. Karena di buat secara manual, pengguna tidak akan menjumpai tali jam tangan kulit lain yang 100% sama. 
  • Pasti selalu ada sentuhan individual pada setiap pasang tali kulit yang di hasilkan.

2. Kualitas Lebih Baik
Tali jam tangan kulit handmade tentu dibuat oleh tangan-tangan yang sudah profesional dan berpengalaman dalam pembuatan tali jam tangan kulit.Oleh karena itu kualitas dari kulit ini sangat terjaga untuk menjamin kepuasan para konsumen. Kualitas tersebut dapat terlihat dari setiap jahitan kulit yang rapi dan kuat.Selain pemilihan detail dan bahan yang di gunakan juga di lakukan dengan teliti sehingga para kolektor tidak akan merasa kecewa saat memakai tali jam tangan kulit handmade ini.

Dengan kualitas kontrol yang lebih baik dari segi proses pembuatan dan bahan yang berkualitas tinggi, tali kulit buatan tangan ini memiliki tingkat keawetan yang tinggi sehingga dapat dipakai dalam jangka waktu yang panjang.

Dengan kualitas yang bagus dan model yang tidak pasaran (bahkan pesanan khusus), tidak heran jika tali kulit buatan tangan sangat disukai oleh kalangan kelas atas dan berselera tinggi. Pasalnya mereka sangat menyukai ekslusifitas, seni, dan kualitas pada setiap pasang tali jam tangan kulit yang mereka pilih. Bahkan harga yang ditawarkan mungkin tidak sebanding dengan kepuasan yang didapat oleh para kolektor yang mengenakan tali jam tangan kulit handmade.Karena tali jam tangan yang mereka miliki sangat eksklusif.

3. Detail

  • Hasil kerajinan kulit, selalu dibuat secara detail.
  • Karena setiap produk akan langsung ditangani dan dikerjakan oleh setiap pengrajin.
  • Sehingga setiap pengrajin akan mencurahkan segala kemampuan dan keahliannya untuk menangani setiap tali jam tangan kulit yang diproduksi.
  • Dengan detail yang sangat tinggi, setiap tali jam tangan kulit yang dihasilkan akan dijahit oleh tangan-tangan ahli para pengrajin, dan hasil jahitan ini akan menjadi sebuah penanda bahwa hasil kerajinan ini bisa terlihat sebuah hasil handmade.
  • Dibandingkan hasil jahitan mesin yang tentunya memiliki kesamaan pola jahitan.

by StrapGua Indonesia on 07 November 2016

Hi, Strap Lovers,

Tentunya anda sudah menyadari bahwa kami menyediakan sebuah kantong yang terbuat dari Genuine Learher beserta Leather Strap anda.

  • Kantong atau pouch ini merupakan salah satu bentuk kepedulian kami untuk perawatan Leather Strap yang Anda beli dari
  • Pouch ini merupakan sarana penyimpanan agar Leather Strap anda dapat terus dalam kondisi terbaik, selain perawatan pribadi yang anda lakukan untuk leather strap yang anda miliki.
  • Pouch ini kami jamin terbuat secara khusus dan eksklusif untuk anda dari Genuine Leather yang di desain dan disiapkan khusus oleh untuk Anda penggemar Leather Strap.
  • Gunakan pouch ini untuk menyimpan Leather Strap anda agar terlindung dari gangguan kerusakan dari banyak hal.
  • Dan tetunya agar Leather Strap anda dapat kembali ke bentuk terbaiknya setelah anda pakai beberapa waktu lamanya.
  • Sebelum memasukkan Strap kedalam Pouch, lakukan perawatan terhadap Strap anda. Terutama membersihkan dari kotoran. Apalagi bila anda ingin menyimpan Strap anda dalam waktu yang lama.
  • Usahakan lepas Buckle dari Strap agar tidak terjadi hal yang tidak diinginkan.
  • Anda bisa menambahkan Gel Silika anti lembab kedalam Pouch untuk menjaga kelembaban Strap yang telah berada didalam Pouch

StrapGua menjadi salah satu penyedia tali kulit jam tangan terbaik.
Kami mengumpulkan dari pengrajin-pengrajin kulit jam tangan terbaik, baik lokal maupun dari luar negeri.
Dan kami sediakan khusus untuk anda para kolektor jam untuk dapat lebih bergaya, terlihat beda dan eksklusif.

StrapGua menyediakan berbagai macam ukuran, bahan, dan desain.
Kami juga siap menerima pesanan khusus anda.

by StrapGua Indonesia on 22 October 2016

Selamat datang di blog StrapGua. Kali ini kami akan mengajak anda mengenal macam-macam kulit yang digunakan untuk bahan strap untuk jam tangan. Yang kami bahas adalah kulit yang pada umumnya digunakan, dan cukup digemari. Tidak menutup kemungkinan masih banyak bahan kulit lain yang digunakan untuk tali jam tangan anda.


Jenis kulit ini memang paling umum digunakan dan cukup digemari. Diambil dari kulit betis anak sapi bagian dalam, membuat jenis kulit ini menghasilkan tekstur yang jauh lebih halus dibandingkan tekstur jenis kulit lainnya. Selain tekstur yang halus, juga sangat flexible, lembut, dan tekstur nya bisa di pilih yang lebih halus atau sedikit bertekstur seperti kulit jeruk. Flexibilitas inilah yang disukai oleh kalangan pengguna jam tangan untuk dijadikan tali jam nya. Contoh strap dari kulit ini ada DISINI


Banyak merk jam tangan terkenal menggunakan jenis kulit ini untuk jenis leather strap nya. Bukan tanpa alasan, karena memang kulit ini memiliki tekstur yang unik dan terkesan gahar. Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Tag Heuer, Omega, Patek Philippe dan sederetan merk jam tangan terkenal telah menggunakan jenis kulit ini untuk jam tangannya. Dari sisi harga, tentu saja kulit crocodile lebih mahal dibanding kulit lainnya, karena kembali lagi ke harga buaya itu sendiri yang jelas mahal. Contoh strap dengan kulit ini ada DISINI


Kulit buaya yang satu ini diambil dari bagian atasnya, dari punggung sampai ke ekor. Aksen yang mencolok dan sangat gahar berhasil diciptakan. Kulit dari bagian punggung ini jauh lebih mahal dari bagian perutnya. Kenapa? karena bagian perut dan kaki bagian dalam jauh lebih luas dengan pattern yang umum, sehingga satu buaya bisa dibuat banyak strap dari perutnya. Lain dengan bagian punggung. Pattern nya yang presisi, tidak banyak strap yang bisa dibuat dari 1 buaya, bahkan mungkin 1 buaya untuk 1 strap. Aturan patternya harus dipertahankan dan tidak bisa acak. Itulah yang membuat strap dari kulit ini menjadi sangat mahal.

Merk terkenal seperti Audemars Piguet banyak menggunakan jenis kulit ini untuk jam tangannya. Lihat contoh strap dengan bahan kulit ini DISINI.


Patern dan karakter yang dihasilkan dari kulit ini berbeda dari kulit lainnya. Glossy, dengan pattern kecil-kecil yang khas. Selain itu juga sangat mudah di warnai. Panerai merupakan salah satu yang menggunakan jenis kulit ini untuk jam tangannya. Contoh strap dengan kulit ini bisa anda lihat DISINI.


Kulit ini menjadi alternatif untuk pecinta custom strap. Karena memang hampir tidak ada brand yang menggunakan jenis kulit ini untuk strap jam tangannya. Para penggemar kulit ini berambisi untuk membuat kulit tali jam tangannya berbeda dari orang lain. Cukup banyak penggemar sharkskin leather ini di dunia. Harganya relatif mahal


Para strap maker memang tidak pernah berhenti berinovasi, sampai burung unta saja mereka ambil kulitnya untuk membuat strap jam tangan. Walaupun sangat jarang ditemui, namun penggemar kulit ostrich untuk tali jam tangannya ini sangat banyak, namun tidak banyak strap maker yang bisa membuatnya, mungkin karena bahan bakunya yang susah. Yang pasti, tekstur yang dihasilkannya cukup unik. Lihat contoh strap dengan kulit ini DISINI.


Serem gak sih? Gak juga kayanya. Malah pattern nya akan menjadikan tali jam anda menjadi sangat uniik. Walaupun tidak banyak penggemarnya, namun para strap maker terus berinovasi dengan memberikan warna-warna yang berbeda dari tekstur kulit ular python ini. Hasilnya juga sangat baik, dan sangat layak untuk menjadi alternatif custom strap jam tangan anda. Harganya? lumayan, tidak semahal hornback. Lihat contoh strap nya DISINI.


Sangat unik, kulit ikan pari ini teksturnya jika di raba, kadang tidak terasa seperti kulit, agak kaku. Seperti susunan batu yang terususun rapi pada tali jam tangan anda. Itulah uniknya, selain harganya yang tidak terlalu mahal, juga design nya menjadi sangat unik. Lihat contoh strap nya DISINI 

Demikian topik dari StrapGua, semoga bisa memberikan anda gambaran untuk membuat strap custom untuk jam tangan anda.


by StrapGua Indonesia on 20 October 2016

Hi Strap Lovers,

Welcome back to our blog. Kali ini StrapGua akan membahas jenis-jenis leather strap pada jam tangan replika swiss ETA clone 1:1. Mengapa kami bahas ini? karena faktanya banyak sekali jam tangan genuine yang menggunakan leather strap, sehingga pabrikan replika harus juga membuatnya dalam versi yang sama dengan aslinya. 

2 pertanyaan yang sering kami terima adalah :

  • Apakah leather strap pada jam tangan replika swiss itu menggunakan leather asli atau palsu?
  • Seberapa bagus dan seberapa kuat leather strap pada jam tangan replika?

Sebelum kami jawab, kami akan sebutkan dahulu jenis-jenis leather strap yang sering digunakan pada jam tangan replika (meniru aslinya) :


Ini adalah lapisan dalam dari kulit sapi. Karakternya adalah soft, dan tidak banyak tekstur pada kulitnya. Ini adalah jenis kulit yang paling mudah dan paling murah dibandingkan dengan jenis kulit lainnya. Banyak merk jam sering menggunakan jenis kulit ini dengan berbagai design untuk jam tangannya. Sebut saja Panerai, dan merk lainnya.

Pada jam tangan high class replica, semua brand yang menggunakan kulit jenis ini (calfskin) adalah menggunakan kulit ASLI, bukan imitasi, karena harga jenis kulit ini relatif paling murah dibanding kulit lainnya.


Merupakan jenis kulit yang merupakan kulit sapi bagian dalam yang dibalik dan diberikan treatment khusus sehingga menghasilkan tekstur yang sedikit berbulu. Orang awam menyebutnya SUEDE. Jenis kulit ini sering digunakan Merk jam tangan Panerai sebagai bahan strap nya.

Pada jam tangan replika, brand yang menggunakan jenis kulit ini seperti Panerai, menggnakan kulit assolutomente asli, karena harga nya pun relatif tidak terlalu tinggi.

Berbahan canvas yang dipadukan dengan kulit sapi pada bagian bawahnya. Teksturnya pun terlihat sporty, dan bukan sebuah pilihan yang baik untuk sebuah dress watch. Lebih cocok juga untuk field watch.

Pada jam tangan replika kelas atas, jam tangan yang menggunakan jenis strap ini adalah terbuat dari bahan asli, bukan imitasi, karena harga nya juga relatif murah.


Dari namanya, jenis kulit ini dibuat dari bagian perut kulit buaya. Tekstur nya sangat khas dan sangat berkarakter. Jenis kulit ini banyak sekali dipilih oleh merk-merk ternama seperti Panerai, Audemars Piguet, Omega, Patek Philippe dan lain-lain. Jenis kulit ini relatif mahal, untuk OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) merk-merk tertentu saja bisa berkisar $300 - $400 untuk strap nya. 

Pada jam tangan replika kelas atas yang genuinenya menggunakan jenis kulit ini, replika nya tidak akan menggunakan kulit crocodile asli,  akan tetapi menggunakan kulit calfskin asli yang di emboss atau print seperti crocodile. Jika anda perhatikan, patternnya sangat terpola, berbeda dengan kulit buaya asli yang patternnya tidak bisa terpola. Tentu saja alasan harga merupakan jawabannya, karena jika jam tangan replika menggunakan kulit crocodile asli, maka harganya akan dituntut menjadi lebih mahal. 

Namun jangan salah, ada beberapa produsen jam tangan replika terutama untuk Panerai yang memberikan sebuah opsi kulit crocodile asli pada jam tangan replikanya. Tentu saja akan berpengaruh signifikan pada harganya.


Kulit jenis ini merupakan kulit yang paling mahal yang digunakan pada strap jam tangan. Dibuat dari kulit punggung buaya yang memiliki aksen tanduk yang sangat unik dan berkarakter. Karakter yang dimunculkan juga sangat khas, dimana jika anda perhatikan ada bagian menonjol pada bagian atasnya (lihat kotak merah di atas), itulah yang dinamakan hornback. Merk jam tangan yang banyak menggunakan jenis kulit ini untuk strapnya adalah Audemars Piguet, sebut saja model Black Theme, Grey Theme, Safari dll.

Pada jam tangan replika kelas atas, tentu saja tidak ada yang menggunakan crocodile hornback asli, karena akan menjadi sangat mahal harganya, sehingga mereka membuat solusi dengan membuat kulit calf yang di print seperti crocodile dan diberikan tonjolan seperti hornback. Cukup baik, tapi tidak terlalu sempurna.


Kami mencoba memberikan penilaian umum dari beberapa aspek :

  • Finishing : Karena pabrikan replika sudah menggunakan teknologi khusus, maka bisa kami nilai finishingnya sangat rapi. 
  • Treatment : Sebagian besar bisa kami nilai baik terutama untuk calfskin dan asssolutamente strap, namun beberapa juga masih sangat kurang baik treatmentnya, terutama untuk jenis printed crocodile, masih sangat terlihat kaku dan teksturnya terlihat tidak asli.
  • Stitching : Perfect, karena menggnakan machine stitch.


  • Untuk jam tangan replika beberapa merk tertentu seperti Panerai yang menggunakan kulit calfskin dan assolutamente (suede), anda tidak perlu mengganti strapnya, karena sudah asli dan sudah cukup baik. Kecuali jika anda ingin membuat beberapa opsi strap warna dan tipe lain, anda bisa menggunakan CUSTOM STRAP.
  • Untuk jam tangan replika yang menggunakan strap printed croco atau fake hornback, kami sarankan untuk menggantinya dengan custom strap genuine, untuk membuat jam tangan replika anda terlihat jauh lebih baik. Selain itu juga dengan menggunakan crocodile asli, strap anda akan lebih fleksibel, tidak kaku, dan tidak mudah patah.

Demikian topik dari StrapGua, semoga bermanfaat untuk anda. 


by StrapGua Indonesia on 13 September 2016

Hi, Strap Lovers,

Kurang lengkap rasanya tampil gaya tanpa menggunakan jam tangan. Selain sebagai aksesoris pendukung, jam tangan juga penting untuk melihat waktu. Itu sebabnya bagi mereka yang sangat menghargai waktu, penggunaan jam tangan sangat tidak bisa diabaikan saat bepergian.

Sayangnya, sebagian orang justru mengalami iritasi kulit ketika menggunakan jam tangan. Penyebabnya bisa dikarenakan bahan tali jam atau bisa pula dikarenakan penggunaannya yang kurang tepat.

Dan kebanyakan pemakai Jam Tangan, alergi pada jam tangan tersebut bisa karena keringat  berlebih pada si pemakai. 
Terkadang ada beberapa yang manusia memiliki keringat yang berbeda. Maksud dari berbeda adalah bahwa ada yang tubuhnya mengeluarkan jumlah keringat yang lebih banyak dari pada umumnya. Adapula yang walaupun jumlah keringat yang dikeluarkan tidak banyak, namun kandungan keringatnya tersebut ada yang berbeda, misalkan memiliki kandungan garam yang lebih banyak.Kalau penyebabnya adalah karena masalah diatas, maka jam tangannya boleh tetap dipakai, cuma jangan dipakai terus-menerus, sesekali tidak memakai supaya kulitnya bisa beradaptasi dengan jam tangan tresebut. 

Oleh karena itu, kali ini akan mengulas bagaimana cara mencegah iritasi yang tejadi akibat penggunaan jam tangan.

1. Kenali bahan tali jam

Tali jam terbuat dari bermacam-macam bahan. Ada yang terbuat dari kulit asli, sintetis, plastik, rantai atau sejenis kain berbahan tebal. Bagi yang tidak memiliki kulit sensitif, terbuat dari apapun tali jam tentu bukan menjadi persoalan. Namun bagi mereka yang gampang mengalami iritasi kulit, bahan tali jam tertentu seringkali merangsang terjadinya iritasi yang semakin parah. Yang harus Anda lakukan adalah memilih bahan tali jam yang paling nyaman saat menyentuh kulit Anda.
Untuk jenis-jenis material bahan tali jam lihat DISINI atau anda bisa langsung memilih penggunaan material pada Strap DISINI

2. Tidak memasang jam terlalu ketat

Hindari mengancing tali jam terlalu ketat sehingga tidak ada celah yang bisa membuat kulit bernafas. Keadaan demikian justru membuat kulit pergelangan tangan menjadi mudah teriritasi.

Penggunaan jam yang terlalu ketat juga akan menimbulkan warna belang pada kulit dan menimbulkan bau karena keringat tertahan di dalamnya.

Jadi, saat menggunakan jam tangan, sebaiknya gunakan agak longgar agar ada udara yang masuk melalui celah tali jam. Sehingga kulit pergelangan tangan pun tidak mudah berkeringat, serta resiko terjadinya iritasi pun semakin kecil.

3. Pastikan kulit pergelangan tangan dalam keadaan kering

  • Sebelum menggunakan jam tangan, pastikan kulit dalam keadaan kering (tidak berkeringat, tidak lembab karena body lotion dan tidak pula basah karena terkena air).
  • Kulit pergelangan tangan yang masih dalam kondisi basah ataupun lembab jika ditutup dengan jam tangan justru akan merangsang timbulnya jamur penyebab iritasi kulit. Akibatnya kulit akan terasa gatal-gatal.
  • Jika perlu lap terlebih dahulu pergelangan tangan Anda dengan handuk atau tisu agar kulit pergelangan tangan benar-benar dalam keadaan kering.

4. Taburkan bedak pada pergelangan tangan

Tidak ada salahnya pula jika Anda menaburkan bedak talk khusus mengatasi iritasi kulit pada kulit pergelangan tangan sebelum menggunakan jam.

Bedak juga berfungsi untuk menyerap keringat sehingga kulit tidak mudah lembab karena keringat. Tapi ingat, taburkan bedak secukupnya saja, dan ratakan bedak hingga warnanya tidak kontras dengan warna kulit Anda sendiri.

5. Angin-anginkan jam setelah selesai digunakan

  • Hindari menyimpan jam tangan langsung di dalam kotak atau tempat tertutup sesaat setelah digunakan.
  • Jam tangan yang baru saja digunakan pasti terasa lembab. Jika langsung disimpan di dalam ruang tertutup justru akan membuat tali jam berjamur. Terlebih tali jam yang terbuat dari bahan kulit asli dan kain (kedua bahan ini paling sulit kering ketika dalam keadaan basah/lembab).
  • Jadi, sebaiknya angin-anginkan jam tangan terlebih dahulu di ruang terbuka. Bukan dijemur di sinar matahari langsung.
  • Baru setelah itu dimasukkan kembali ke dalam kotak atau lemari penyimpanannya.

6. Rajin mengonsumsi vitamin E

  • Vitamin E sangat baik untuk kesehatan kulit. Jika kulit sering mengalami iritasi, bisa jadi asupan vitamin E di dalam tubuh tidak tercukupi. Minumlah suplemen vitamin E dalam bentuk kapsul atau bubuk.
  • Jika kulit pergelangan tangan sedang meradang, bukalah kapsul vitamin E dan bubuhkan serbuknya pada kulit yang sedang teriritasi tersebut.
  • Dengan demikian, rasa gatalnya akan berkurang dan tidak menimbulkan bekas iritasi.

Demikian cara mencegah iritasi kulit saat menggunakan jam tangan. Dengan pemilihan model jam tangan dan penggunaan yang tepat, Anda bisa tetap tampil gaya tanpa ancaman iritasi kulit.

by StrapGua Indonesia on 18 August 2016

Kulit dibagi atas 2 golongan yaitu :

Hide (untuk kulit dari binatang besar seperti kulit sapi, kerbau, kuda dan lain-lain) dan Skin (untuk kulit domba, kambing, reptil dan lain-lain).

Jenis zat penyamak yang digunakan mempengaruhi hasil akhir yang diperolah. Penyamak nabati (tannin) memberikan warna coklat muda atau kemerahan, bersifat agak kaku tapi empuk, kurang tahan terhadap panas.

Penyamak mineral paling umum menggunakan krom. Penyamakan krom menghasilkan kulit yang lebih lembut/lemes, dan lebih tahan terhadap panas.

Lewat proses penyamakan, dilakukan proses pemeraman yaitu menumpuk atau menggantung kulit selama 1 (satu) malam dengan tujuan untuk menyempurnakan reaksi antara molekul bahan penyamak dengan kulit.

Proses penyelesaian (finishing) adalah untuk menentukan kualitas hasil akhir (leather).Terdiri atas beberapa tahapan proses yang bervariasi sesuai dengan jenis kulit, bahan penyamak yang digunakan, dan kualitas akhir yang diingingkan.

Proses finishing akan membentuk sifat-sifat khas pada kulit seperti, kelenturan, kepadatan, dan warna kulit. Proses perataan (setting out) bertujuan untuk menghilangkan lipatan-lipatan yang terbentuk selama proses sebelumnya dan mengusahakan terciptanya luasan kulit yang maksimal.

Proses perataan sekaligus juga akan mengurangi kadar air karena kandungan air dalam kulit akan tergolong keluar (striking out).

Beberapa proses lanjutan lainnya adalah pengeringan (mengurangi kadar air kulit sampai batas standar biasannya 18-20 %),

  • pelembaban (menaikan kandungan air bebas dalam kulit untuk persiapan perlakukan fisik di proses lanjutan),
  • pelemasan (melemaskan kulit dan mengembalikan kerutan-kerutan sehingga luasan kulit menjadi normal kembali),
  • pementangan (untuk menambah luasan kulit),
  • pengamplasan (untuk menghaluskan permukaan kulit).

Kulit hasil samakan bisa di cat untuk memperindah tampilan kulit.