Please note that every single picture on our website is taken from the original product itself. There are none of other or dummy pictures we put on our website. 

Returns & Exchange policy will be acceptable for below conditions :

  • Product you received is different from product you ordered (color, type, style, etc). Please make sure you order the right thing you want
  • Product you received is defect. Defects here can be explain as : broken leather strap, un-erasable node, or major scratch on the leather straps.
  • Send it back to our warehouse maximum 3 days after you receive your order. Our warehouse address : Jalan Kemang Selatan 8 No. 55F, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12730. Up : Adrian/StrapGua
  • Charges may occur while you send it back, and it is refundable from us.
  • Solutions : Changed with exactly same strap you order, changed to diffent models (adjusting the cost might happened), or refund your order.