Snake Skin

Snake Skin

Java Rock Phyton Strapgua C-Leather Series For Rolex 20mm

Product ID: SN0027

IDR 1.969.000,00


This is our special design. Inspired by Rubber-B, but we made it with our own special design plastic insert and nice leather materials. The idea is to make the lug filled with the strap, no gap and the strap will be curvy. Comfortability is our major objective and it is comfortable. Well leather treatment, neat finishing. It will be perfect for your Rolex series.

Strap's Strength :

  • The insert will fit to Rolex model with 20mm lug width, 40-40.5mm case diameter like Submariner, GMT Master, Daytona etc.
  • 100% Hand made from every process of the making : Cutting, edging, lining, stitching etc.
  • Our straps have special edging technology in order to make a strong edge, even without stitches.  We put a slightly layer of paint, and then do sandpaper and continue burnish it by hand. not only put paint layers and layers.
  • 100% hand stitching, with a perfect neat result. We are also improve the thread step by step replacing polyester thread to linen thread
  • High quality lining material :
    • Zermatt Lining Leather from Taneries Haas, France. It brings softness and more comfortable to wear, it is also waterproof to prevent quickly break at the back side. Water, dust, and sweat is not going to affect this material. This lining leather is also use by the brand Hermes on their products.
  • At the end, we improved the process, more caring, and special treatment on straps